Revolution Rev II

Revolution Rev II

Revolution Rev II
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The smallest kite in Revolutionīs line up, the Rev II is faster than its larger siblings and is ideal for medium to high wind conditions, making it a great option for those who want to experience the control and fun of a Rev without all the pull. The Rev II is fast and somewhat "twitchy" making it a very fun and exciting kite to "zip" around in the air with pinpoint instantaneous control. We enjoy it the most in high winds (12 mph and above) on a 100-foot line set, which makes the flying fast and furious! Donīt worry too much about precision! Or if you're into pull, the Rev II also makes an excellent stacking kite... the more Rev IIīs you add, the more pull you get, with all the maneuverability that a small kite offers.

The Rev II has been a favorite for many long time Rev flyers... The 6 foot size, speed, and agility takes a little more time to master - but then the fun is unstoppable! The look, the feel, and the flying is a new exhilarating experience. This kite will maximize your skills in winds over 12 mph.

The new leading edge has been re engineered with 3 spars at 24.75" long replacing the old 2 piece leading edge shafts at 37" each. This new kite folds down to a compact 27" overall making it the perfect kite for travelling by easily fitting into your luggage or simply sliding it behind the seat of your car. Take this kite on your business trip for a relaxing time anytime!

The sail also has a new look. The new sail sports the same panel layout as the Rev 1.5 SLE. Additionally, Revolution has made available an optional Race frame for the Rev II with the same 3 piece leading edge.

Says C. Babb of IKE: "The Rev II with the new Race frame is faster and more responsive" "Flying in moderate winds- it just feels like a different kite all togetherSkill:\

Wind:4-25 mph


Leading Edge Length:72"

Overall Length When packed:27"

Frame:Advantage graphite/CarbonStandard 4 wrap.

Optional Frame:Race Rods

Line:Shanti warp speed 150lb., 85ft.

Beginner to Advanced

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