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One of the best looking and performing quad line kites in the market today. The quality is evident in the craftsmanship and material. All materials cut by computer guided laser, perfect everytime. Dyneema and Dacron bonded no fray leading edge. Invisiclear-no grind, no stretch, anti-wear strips. Kevlar center reinforcement. HP Core, sheathed, round braid, black bridle. T2 wrapped graphite frame. Ultra light T0 frame also available. Fold top canvas sleeve with mesh pocket. Extra endcap and bungee included. Handles and lines not included.

Exodus series is crafted with 1/2 oz. polycarbonate/icarex sail. Kite has 94" wingspan.

Recommended flying line is 80' 90 lb. Spectra

Exodus Series Freilein

$250.00 Regular Price
$215.00Sale Price
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