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Skill Level: Beginner Wind Range: 4-20 MPH Wing Span: 93 Inches Frame: 3-wrap

No previous experience required. The EXP, our base model, is easier to fly than you would ever imagine. The 4 line, incredibly durable EXP is great fun for new enthusiasts. All our kites are packaged with a Training DVD which shows everything from set-up, to proven control techniques for fast learning, and advanced moves. Forward, reverse, hover, and Stop-on-a-dime …. ALL THIS IS POSSIBLE FLYING THE EXP.

The EXP now comes with Revolution Reflex (patented technology)! The EXP package comes complete and ready to fly with Kite, Handles, And Shanti Sky Bond Lines 100 lb x 85 ft Line set, DVD, and a manual.


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